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What is Real Estate Agency Business Insurance?

A Real Estate Agency business takes years to build – but an accident or disaster could destroy it all in minutes. That’s why Real Estate Agencies should help protect themselves with a quality Real Estate Agency business insurance pack.

With the right cover in place, principals can run their agencies with confidence, knowing that their premises, equipment and reputation are protected by insurance.

Who should consider it?

Real Estate principals can benefit from taking out an affordable and comprehensive Real Estate Agency business insurance pack to help protect them against the main risks involved in running a Real Estate Agency business

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There were 177,519 scams reported in 2018 with 9.9% having a financial loss of  $107,023,11. (scam watch statistics Australian Competition & Consumer Commission)


58% of victims of data breaches are categorised as small businesses. (Summary findings Verzion 2018 data breach Investigations Report 2018)


Among small to medium sized businesses that have experienced a successful infiltration of the corporate network by ransomware, 22%reported that they had cease business operations immediately (identitical to the global average) and 18 percent lost revenue ( higher than the global average ). (Second Annual state of ransomware report survey results for Australia, Osterman Research , 2017)

What Can it Cover?

Type of Cover

Potential Benefits

Property Damage

Repair or replacement of property damage

Business Interruption

Loss of trading profit following insured damage to property and additional costs and expenses incurred  during a claim


Repair or replacement of property stolen


Loss of money

Public or Product Liability

Your liability to pay compensation for personal injury and property damage as well as the costs involved in defending a claim triggered by the policy


For replacing glass inside or outside your premises including your shop front windows, mirrors or display cases


For stock that is in transit on the road, in the air or by sea

Electronic equipment breakdown

For repairing or replacing electronic equipment that breaks down

General Property

To cover your tools of trade, including laptops and tolls that you use for your profession or trade

Tax Audit

To cover the cost of being audited by the ATO

Employee Dishonesty

Direct Financial loss of the business caused by the dishonest or fraudulent conduct of an employee which is the first discovered during the period of insurance

What Usually Isn't Covered?

Exclusions, and the excess you need to pay and limits of liability can vary greatly depending on your insurer and the requirements of your business.

Case Study

Your employee opens an email attachment infected with a ransomware virus. Access to your systems and data are blocked and the virus software informs you that it will remain unavailable unless you pay the ransom amount.

Rather than paying the hacker and then opening your business up to further extortion attempts, you hire external IT consultants to recover your back- up data and files upgrade your antivirus software. Over the week it takes to apply these fixes, you have to close your business, causing you to lose revenue. It also affects your reputation with your clients; one of your clients threatens to sue you for the delay which cost them a large amount of money.

Cyber Protection Insurance policy allows you to recover some of the costs you incur during this incident. Depending on your policy, you may be able to make a claim for losses caused by the interruption to your business, the costs of recovering your data and upgrading your software, and ongoing crisis management expenses.

A product disclosure statement (PDS) is available from us. You should consider the PDS in deciding whether to acquire or continue to hold, business insurance.

Important note: This information is provided to assist you in understanding the terms, implications and common considerations with this type of insurance. It does not constitute advice, and is not complete, so please discuss the full details with us.

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