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What is Industrial Special Risk?

An Industrial Special Risk policy is a broader and robust form of business insurance which provides a more suitable level of indemnity for organisations who have high value assets and multiple properties, generally over $5 million. One of the benefit’s of an Industrial Special Risk policy is the larger level of cover it provides for your property. The policy will cover property damage to your assets by any cause not excluded under the policy. The wide scale of this cover that is available will see that you can extend your business growth knowing that you have robust programme to protect your assets going forward.

Who need this type of policy

An Industrial Special Risks Insurance policy is suitable for medium to large organisations who engage in a diverse range of business activities, across multiple locations. Industrial Special Risk insurance is designed to protect you and your business from damage and consequential loss to your physical assets, including buildings, stock, plant and machinery.

This type of insurance covers a diverse range of industries from Golf clubs through electrical engineering firms.

What Can it Cover?

Most Industrial Special risk Polices cover a range of features, however this can differ between insurers..
We can help you find the most suitable product that meets the needs of your business. To give you idea below are the types of cover that policy may include.

Type of Cover

Potential Benefits

Fire & Perils

Covers loss or damage to business property, like buildings and plant and equipment

Removal of Debris

Covers the clean- up costs following a damage to the business property

Business Interruption

Provides cover for the losses incurred due to the non – operational or reduced operations of the business as a result of an insured loss


Cover for Burglary, theft of money as well as employee dishonesty.

Prevention of Access

Sub limited cover for a loss due to your inability to access your business premises due to an insured peril both at your premises or within the vicinity of your premises

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